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December 25, 2011
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Merry Christmas by Honeykitten Merry Christmas by Honeykitten
A little late (depending on when you celebrate christmas) but here it is now: a lil' christmas gift to all you wonderful and supportive people out there :heart: Forgive me, I didn't have time to draw anything personal to each and everyone of you :forgiveme:

Anyway, these are the ponies from a previous christmas picture I did, with one addition: *guardian-of-moon candy cane pony Minty-D (the white one to the right). I had to add her since she has already drawn two pictures featuring Minty-D and my candy cane pony Peppermint Rock yeah, I changed her name :giggle: The pictures she did can be seen here [link] .

All right, have yourself a very merry christmas and a happy new year all of you. Remember that you are the greatest :iconcocoloveplz:

God Jul! :santa:

Edit: I've finally managed to come up with proper names for all three of them:
Candy cane pony: Peppermint Rock
Gingerbread pony: Gingersnap
Christmas tree pony: Evergreen
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Senshee Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Awww! It looks they're having so much fun! I love all their happy faces! Awesome work!
Honeykitten Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :D
LadyoftheKeys Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
Christmasy goodness :D
Look as though they're having loads of fun singing Chrissy Carols -
lets hope that none of them get unexpectantly nibbled on :giggle:
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012   General Artist
Hi Emz :hug::hug::hug: I am so sorry I am never around these days :iconsobplz: I do love you though!! And I think of you a lot! I love this picture, it just oozes with sweetness and love and you put a lot of work into it as well! I adore the Christmassy colour scheme! Each of these ponies is very special! Emz, thank you so much for the Christmas card you sent me, it is VERY beautiful! Love it so much! I wondered if you know the name of the bird on there? With the orange/red front? Also that heart chocolate inside was very very sweet and kind of you as well. I ate it ON my birthday, so thank you SOOOOOO much for always giving me more than you should have to. I mean, really you are super-generous and I am so grateful and thankful for all you've done for me, which as I say is always more than you need to. I wanted to send you dark chocolate and salty licorice, by the way, I mean order it online, but I couldn't find a shop that would send to you in Sweden (via Amazon) :( Sorry, I was stupid, I should've tried to post from here. But if I find salty liquorice here, it will probably originally be from your side of the world :B but i have to try to send dark chocolate ^^; Really! I honestly owe you so much :tighthug: Sorry again for being missing/gone :( One thing is I have been writing as much as I can, (quite a lot) and it's so difficult to find time for the Net, but maybe I will be able to quieten down with writing soon, I'm not sure. :/ Love you lots and lots! Mel
Honeykitten Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Mel! Hey, it is more than all right, dearie (I'm not very active either for that matter) :hug: Thank you so much, it really means a great deal to hear that you liked the picture so much! :love:
Awh, you are more than welcome, dearie, I'm happy that you liked the card (and the chocolate :heart: )! Oh yes, the bird is known as a bullfinch (or "domherre" as we call them), a very pretty bird don't you think? Of course, only the males have such a bright red chest, the females have much duller colours :giggle: And no, I'm giving you no more than you deserve! Awesome people deserve some appreciation every now and then :tighthug: Awh, aren't you the sweetest thing ever, you really don't have to give me anything! And it is more than all right that you didn't manage to ship anything, it is the thought that counts after all :aww: Yeah, odds are that the liquorice will be from here =P But I must say that I wouldn't say no to some dark chocolate, it is oh so yummy! :iconyummtplz: (but once again, you really don't have to send me anything and you don't owe me anything either! :hug: ).

I'm happy to hear that you have managed to write some more on your story, how is the book coming along? :D Well, the book is your baby in arms after all so you should spend a lot of time on it :giggle:

Ah well, take care now dearie, love you too!
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012   General Artist
Hi Emz! Thinking of you lots! Wish I could get around to replying to my messages sooner and faster and that I had all the energy in the world to do everything I need to do :lol: Tonight my back seems improved, but I have to be very careful with it still because twice I think I caused it to get a bit worse by continuing to do stuff, even if really it wasn't even much and I WAS careful, but gah, yeah, trying to rest EVEN MORE! Yes, I'm still writing though :lol:
Oh yes I looked up more pictures of that domherre/bullfinch when I read this message of yours :love: And yes I see how the males are the bright ones. Pretty indeed! Thanks as always for your kind words and love, hon :manhug::iconplatyglompplz:
I even looked on Amazon for books or Simpsons calendars etc... but I dunno, I just didn't feel right about those things? I don't know why. I honestly wanted to send you things... And I still want to do that. I sound like such a liar, I know, because I still haven't sent you anything (except lots of words for you to read :lmao: ) I WILL send you dark chocolate and if I find/notice salty liquorice, I'll send that too :D :D
Yeah my book is coming along great, sometimes I just don't have enough time to write everything into it fast enough, you know? Hehe, but at least the creativity is definitely there and flowing despite all the things that try to get in my way every day.
I love how you described it as my baby in my arms awwww :iconawwloveplz: :iconaawplz: Thanks :D :iconbabyeagerplz::icondummylaplz::iconbummiesplz:
Honeykitten Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Mel! You are the sweetest thing ever :hug: Thank you so much for all your support and encouragment, it means a lot :thanks: And no worries, as you may have noticed I'm not very fast when it comes to answering comments/notes either :slow: As with you I never seem to have the energy to get everything done!
Thank godness your back is feeling better, it is such a pain to have a sore back (just ask me, mine is troubling me all the time :lol: ). But yes, make sure to rest and don't overstrain yourself or your back!

Haha I'm happy to hear that you found the birds cute as well :aww:

Awh, dearie, you really don't have to get me anything! And of course I believe you when you say that you want to give me something! But, like I said, you don't have to :hug: I have more than enough of calendars already so there's no need to get me one of those not to sound ungrateful or anything like that! Some dark chocolate is more than enough :love:

I'm happy to hear that the book is coming along nicely, it's great that some one has some creativity (mine has gone on a long vacation it seems) and that you are able to sit down and get some writing done! Go you :iconcheerplz: Well, it is your baby in my arms after all, I think it's a very fitting describtion! :la:

Well, I'm off to get myself something to eat: it's been a long, tiresome and awful day, thank godness I have the day off tomorrow :iconbummiesplz:

You take care now sweetie pie! Luff ya :iconspazhugplz::heart:
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012   General Artist
Hi Emz! :hug: Thanks for your note today! Read it not long ago :heart: I might try to reply to it after this, but I dunno, it might not be a long reply I suppose :phew::slow: And thank you of course for this particular message :iconeeeeeplz: Ah you always seem pretty fast to me in general. I mean... compared to most of my replies especially :iconsupereagerplz: And I'm glad when I've been able to help/support you in some way :iconluvluvplz::iconlovepinkplz:

Thankfully my back is behaving at the mo, yes. I have had to spend a lot of time the past few days looking into changing my toothpaste, as well as shampoo now. Basically I needed to do that for the toothpaste because every single kind I tried from the supermarket, for many months now, has been causing the tissue in my mouth to burn off, you could say. Though it did not cause me pain, it was annoying, depressing and mildly messy. Doesn't seem people here are too aware of the problem, but when I read lots of people's experiences online (in other parts of the world, like the US mainly probably), they also baffled their dentists/doctors with the problem. Anyway turned out to be an ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Couldn't immediately find other types of toothpastes in the supermarket and first large pharmacy, but now I have three different ones from a pharmacy/chemist (drugstore they may call it in some places?) and all of them clearly didn't give me that problem, but ONE does have a SLIGHT similar effect, so I probably wouldn't get that one again. It may be the whitening ingredient causing it. I wouldn't try to get whitening pastes normally, but this one lacked the dreaded SLS, so it's getting tested by me. Anyway probably I will find others and try them after I finish these too. Now I'm onto swapping to SLS-free shampoo as well, in case that is also causing my hair to be thinner than it should be, and not growing as long/fast as it should too. I want it to be thicker/fuller. I mean more hair on my head. And if that SLS (or similar sulphates) is the cause of my prob, well I need to fix that situation, you know? So tonight I used a SLS-free shampoo for the first time, Rainforest Shine shampoo from The Body Shop. We'll see how it goes... Might have to wait months to see if there is a real difference. Anyway, so I have been very focussed on this toothpaste and then hair issue. Might even get SLS-free soap/body washes too, sometime.

Still been writing though, yep. :typerhappy::roll: Plus editing in between yes. Not easy, in general, but still worth doing, I suspect :lol: At the risk of everything else failing too :icondignitylaughplz: Yeah well, I must trust my intuition etc. :iconloveblueplz:

I suppose your back is still the usual? *hugs* I really hope it does improve for you at some point!

Pity I can't post you a stash of chocolate every month, huh?? Would be nice to do that one day when I'm wealthy :rofl: But seriously! :#1:

My baby in arms, yes :nod::iconbabyeagerplz:

Hope your week goes okay, the rest of it! :icontardglompplz:
Honeykitten Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are more than welcome, dearie! And you definitely are both supportive and oh so kind all the time, thank you once again Mel :tighthug:

Ugh, that tooth paste you've been using doesn't sound too nice, yikes! The whitening one might be the best option in this case since it doesn't contain any SLS. Man that is probably something we all should try to avoid :iconscaredplz: Oh Body Shop, my favourite store XD I buy both make up, soap and shampoo there since they are both concerned about the environment and they don't test their products on animals :la: I am convinced you'll be able to find some really good products there :nod:

Just keep on trucking, dearie, and trust your intuition: it'll be all right for sure in that case :hug:

Meh, yeah my back is its usual self, not too bad but not too good either. It could have been worse though so I shall not complain :lol:

Oh dearie me, if you start to post me a stash of chocolate every month I will turn into Barbapapa within 6 months! So don't you dare... :iconturbopokeplz:

Thank you so much sugarcube, I hope you'll have a great week as well! Take care now and stay awesome :iconspazhugplz:
PearlyPony Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012   General Artist
Well the milder toothpastes are also less effective and sometimes taste awful :lmao: Soooooo... it's still a bit of a battle. I do have three or four I alternate between right now, but I'm still hoping for a more special paste to become available or something. I really also think that some mouthwash or toothpastes have even done damage (not just to me) and that's why it becomes a problem, certain ingredients start to be 'rejected' or not tolerated by one's mouth after they were too harsh perhaps :shrug:
Haha Body Shop does have lots of great products, I'm sure. The first time I shopped at the Body Shop was in the UK because back then we didn't have Body Shops in South Africa. We do now of course. I remember buying lots of small BS products to give as presents to people in South Africa. And I still have various Body Shop things now, like a strawberry Body Butter and a tiny bit of strawberry body wash (shower gel). I used to have a strawberry lip balm and a chocolate and orange one. I never use lip balm A LOT though, so they always expire before I finish them :slow: I don't believe the Rainforest shampoo I bought from them helped me though, even though I thought the fragrance was cool and different, and I tried to give that shampoo a chance. But yeah, it wasn't perfect for me. I still have some and I will probably use it very occasionally. Which soaps do you buy from there? And shampoo? I could try those sometime ;)

Barbapapa! Hahaha I knew exactly what you meant by that. I used to have one (or more?) looooong ago. Loved those!

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